On Beach Filming

Hollenbeck Productions produces television commercials, sales videos and footage libraries for international destinations, resorts, business corporations and travel organizations. We are a full service creative group, capable of providing ideas, concepts, scripts, talent casting, location production, digital editing, music, estimates and accurate budgets.

Our projects are creative, interesting and award winning. We pride ourselves in being on target, on budget and on time. Our crews are experienced working in a wide variety of locations and conditions, including aerial, arctic, tropical and underwater. We utilize the most current digital and film equipment for shooting and editing.

The clients using our programs are a diverse group of major international organizations including: Aero California Airlines, Doug Fox Travel, Hyatt International, Sheraton Mexico, Sunmakers Global Travel and the Government of Mexico.

Clients using our library footage include America West Airlines, CBS, FOX On Air, Hallmark Cards, InterContinental Hotels, Met Life Insurance, Universal Studios, The Weather Channel and numerous advertising and public relations agencies.

If you are in search of a creative visual method of reaching markets, please contact us to talk ideas. We’ll be happy to provide a proposal full of suggestions and ideas, along with a reasonable budget.

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